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Control+G or "Go To" can be extremely useful in a multitude of situations. Lets run through some uses: 1) You can simply type in a field reference such as $A$1000 and be there immediately, rather than scrolling or navigating there yourself. 2) View a listing of previously created Named Ranges which you can easily navigate to, example below  Named Ranges can be very useful ways to reference data without having to navigate to it, but if you use them liberally, you will be likely to forget the names of a few. 3) The third use is the most versatile. Notice the box on the bottom left corner that says Special with the letter "S" underlined. In Microsoft Excel, if you see an underlined letter, you can press the ALT key and hold the underlined letter and you wont have to click on the button. Press ALT+S now and explore the dialogue menu that pops up. It allows you to go different types of cells within the selected data. More on this next time. Let me know if yo